Dr. Bernstein Diet

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The Dr. Bernstein, giving dieters full, around-the-clock support. Bernstein Diet is a low calorie diet plan developed by physician Dr. Nevertheless, Dr. Bernsteins program, which is certainly not within everyones reach. The average dieter will need to pay $500 to $1000 per month to participate in Dr. Bernsteins diet is not without controversy, as are most VLCD diets. All dieters are supervised by clinical staff in a licensed weight loss clinic owned by Dr. Bernstein modified VLCD diet combines low calorie dieting with B vitamin injections, which he claims will allow patients to lose up to 20lbs per month safely. He originally developed his plan from the VLCD (Very Low Calorie) diet, although he argues his diet is not a VLCD Diet because dieters consume between 850-950 calories per day and VLCD diet is typically under 800 calories. If the financial limitation of participating in this program is not a turn off, the controversy surrounding the diet might pose a bigger risk to obese participants. Stanley Bernstein, an Ontario-based physician with numerous weight loss clinics in Canada and the United States. This Dr. Bernstein assures dieters this is a safe weight loss program. You must either be a Canadian citizen or a resident of Florida or Virginia to participate in this program, however, and the cost is no laughing matter the first consultation costs $235, and additional services (such as injection sessions or additional consultations) costs $100 on average. Dr.

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