Robin Anthonys Renu Herb

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Can you shed excess body fat just by sucking on a lollipop? Well, this is what Robin Anthonys Renu Herb Weight Loss Pops are claimed to do. At this point Robin Anthonys Renu Herbs involves more than 11 different formulas. Robin Anthonys Renu Herbs was founded by one Robin Anthony. They contain herbal components, vitamins and amino acids. Some of which are Colon Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Weight Loss Pops, Detox Tea, Parasite Cleanse, Detox Trio Package, and Seaweed Soap. Interested in the healing properties of natural herbs, Robin decided to start her own company. She is a mother of four, and has been dabbling with herbs since she was in high school. Since most men and women get sugar cravings at different parts of the day, these lollipops are supposed to work as a type of solution for the common sugar urges. A full list of ingredients is provided below.

Robin Anthonys Renu Herb, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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